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EP#14: An Affordable Phone Controlled Rover

In this episode Jason will walk through making an app controlled robot.

View the instructable here:

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EP#13: Monster Masher

In this episode Jason gives an in-depth overview of the can mangling robot he built for our Happy Halloween video.

The instructable for this project can be found here:

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EP#12: DeathGrip - Robot Claw Gauntlet

In this episode Jason builds a giant claw.

The instuctable can be seen here:

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Ep #11: Lightweight Weed Whacker

In this episode Jason uses Actobotics, 3D printing, laser cutting, an Arduino Nano, RGB LEDs, carbon fiber, a new brushless motor and LiPo batteries to make a lightweight weed whacker.

Check out the instructable for this episode for the code, wiring diagram, parts list, laser cutter files, and 3d printer files he used to make this project happen.

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Ep #10: RC Fireworks Truck

In this episode... fireworks and cheesy acting.

Build Instructions:

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Ep #9: MagnetMobile

In this episode Jason and Kyle do a one day build-off to see who can make a robot that drives up a metal surface.

You can get the build instructions for the winning design at

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Ep #8: Arduino RC Gamepad

This this episode Jason shows a setup where a gamepad shield on an Arduino Uno sends data via RC to another Arduino on a rover.

Build instructions, wiring diagrams, and the code you need to replicate this project can be found in the Instructable:

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Ep #7: The Actobotics® Dual Motor Controller

In this episode Jason talks about the various ways to connect and use the new Actobotics® Dual Motor Controller.

See the full Instructable with wiring diagrams here:

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Ep #6: The Encoder Commander

In this episode Jason controls motors with quadrature encoders with an Arduino Uno. 

Learn how to make this project on Instructables:

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Ep #5: Motorizing the 9” V-Roller Kit

In this episode I talk about a couple different ways you could add a motor the the 9" V-Roller kit.

Below you will find the parts list for each of the 2 setups. 
I did not include the electronics since the heart of this question is about mounting the motor.
We did not do a full Instructable for this episode since it was fairly simple but if you want one please leave a comment.

Parts List 1: In-Channel Planetary Gear Motor Setup

Parts List 2: Wheel to Hub Spacer Friction Drive Setup

  • pick a spur gear motor
  • 555116 =  37mm clamping motor mount
  • 585470 =  90° Dual Side Mount
  • 59571  =  2" Precision Disk Wheel
  • 545576 =  6mm set screw hub (motor)
  • 545548 =  1/4" set screw hub (shaft)
  • 545380 =  3/8" hub spacer
  • 605114 =  motor power board (optional)
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